Sunday, August 5, 2007

PowerPoint and Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig on Network Neutrality

When I first watched Lessig's presentation on Network Neutrality I was blown away!

In my whole educational experience I have never seen PowerPoint used in such a way. For me, PowerPoint has always been about putting up bullet points and pictures. Presenters will usually read off the short bullet points and then expand on them if they are any good. Lessig seemed to use PowerPoint not as a crutch, but as an additional tool for his presentation, I believe he could have done the whole speech without PowerPoint. His use of PowerPoint was amazing, I highlighting special thoughts and phrases instead of massive amounts of bullet points was great. You really listened to him speak and focused in on the words on the screen.

I would really like to try this style out for myself, but I will definitely need to get the timing part down to the T. Lessig's presentation has given me new hope for PowerPoint presentations.

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