Monday, August 6, 2007

Network Neutrality

I am very torn on the issue of network neutrality.

I hold very dear to me the idea of government nonintervention. I know there are a few horror stories of abuse, but I do not see cause for such regulation. Now I know, I favor an open internet, but I am not sure congressional legislation is the key. I do think the FCC is the right administrative body to control these few and far between abuses. Even, which sits on the non regulation side of the fence, supports the FCC and their four principles.

While the 'openists' which I like to call the regulationists are promoting SaveTheInternet

I like the idea of keeping everything neutral, don't get me wrong, but I believe this is the wrong way to do it. I do not think the need is great enough to get congress involved. I would prefer to see less government regulations and let the market drive itself. The market should be able to correct and balance any sort of unfair practices. There are already laws regulating the telecom industry, and the internet is not this crazy place where ISPs decide which information you get to see or not.

I might change my mind on this later, as I used to be on the net neutrality legislation side of the argument, but now I am sitting firmly on the non regulation side.

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