Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Week

Walsh College is starting to use some Web 2.0 in the class, we have our own BIT 511 SharePoint group, complete with a Wiki, discussion board, shared document repository and calendar.

Now, if we can only get them to let us EDIT the wiki pages...??? (I know, change is slow)

Class Textbooks:
Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams (2006)
The Big Switch by Nicholas Carr (2008)

Lecture Notes:
What technology trends and issues should we be concerned with in the future of IT?

Data mining, security vs. availability of data, education, privacy, liability, bandwidth, free access...

Web 2.0 - the interactive web, user generated content
Global Electronic Commerce - 24/7 access, the long tail
Mobile Commerce
Web 3.0 - the semantic web
Handheld Devices - more powerful than computers 5 years ago, mobile access
Convergence of functionality - nearly all devices are multifunction now
Blade Servers
Quantum Computing
Agile Development
Open Source
Web Mashups
SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)
SaaS (Software as a Service)
Storage and Network Convergence
IT Governance - who makes the big decisions?
IT Innovation - is IT a profit center or a commodity?
Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention
Secure Software Development
Intellectual Property

Reading for next week:
Wikinomics - chapters 1-3
The Big Switch - chapters 1-4

Start research for presentation on week 3 regarding how the 'Net Generation' will change/have changed the social and work environment.

My goal is to post my lecture notes each week, but I forgot to be taking notes why we discussed these topics tonight...

Wish me luck for next week.

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  1. How can I expect to use your notes, instead of taking my own, when there is no detail!!!