Monday, August 13, 2007

"Answer to 6b"

I was totally blown away by Ruby on Rails.

Rails seems to be all about the fast and easy development, it creates everything you need automatically as you go. It seems extremely powerful for project that utilize services, I have not seen how hard it is to create services on Rails.

Axis2 on the other hand, from what I have seen at least, seems to be more geared to creating and managing services. Axis seems very powerful for quickly linking applications that already have services written because it does all of the transport work, you just have to tell it where stuff is.

Rails seems to have everything prebuilt for displaying and interfacing while Axis seems to focus more on facilitating communication, security and reliability. I am not sure how large rails is meant to be, but Axis is definitely up to enterprise level abuse.

I felt so far behind when watching the first two screencasts but it was amazing to see something usable be put together so quickly.

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