Monday, August 13, 2007

"Answer to 6a"

Web Services Middleware: All Grown Up!
by: Sanjiva Weerawarana

I enjoyed watching Sanjiva's presentation on the history of web services and the new Apache Axis2... "Working with XML in java especially is absolutely crappy"

It was really amazing so see the way web services have evolved. Web service technology has evolved from being complex RPC calls into very simple send some data get something back. The depth of the open source Apache Web Services Application Server is amazing. SOAP has dramatically evolved from its original form. The Axis2 Apache Web Services Application Server allows ease of deployment of web services and allows for easy deployment on the WS-* Framework.

I do have to admit that a good portion of the details discussed, but the ideas are amazing. I was looking at the website and you can get the entire WS package, the Axis2, a Enterprise Service Bus, and a Mashup Server and there are tons of materials available for doing it yourself. I would like to try it out when I get some time.

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