Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Agile Development Paper

This is the first assignment for BIT 337 - Software Engineering at Walsh.

Agile Development
Eric Charnesky
BIT 337
Professor Ciaramitaro
January 24, 2007

Agile Development

The Agile methodology for software development is the new “in” thing for software engineering. “There's no question that "agile" is the buzzword of the times for software developers, ISVs, consultants, and businesses, in general. As with most buzzwords, the term is often over-used and mis-used, especially by those trying to portray their products or services in a new light.” (Barnett 2006). Many companies are somewhat hesitant to give agile development a try for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reasons are more and more companies are catching on. Many large corporations such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft have started implementing at least some agile methodologies.

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