Saturday, February 17, 2007


The second assignment was a paper about a specific software engineering methodology.

I chose to research CMMI.

CMMI Strengths and Weaknesses
Eric Charnesky
BIT 337
Professor Ciaramitaro
February 17, 2007

CMMI Strengths and Weaknesses
When I first started researching the Capability Maturity Model Integration by the Software Engineering Institute I was overwhelmed. The PDF documentation for follow the CMMI Version 1.2 process is a short 573 pages long. Compare that with the now slim looking original Capability Maturity Model by the Software Engineering Institute in 1993 which is only 82 pages long. The Software Engineering Institute combined the original Capability Maturity Model with the Systems Engineering Capability Model of 1998, and the Integrated Product Development Capability Maturity Model of 1997 to create a new up to date maturity model for developing software (CMMI 2006). The CMMI, now in Version 1.2, is a widely recognized standard for software engineering.

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