Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BIT 476

I start this class tonight with Professor Barbara Ciaramitaro.

Walsh College's Course Descriptions

BIT 476 - Business and Technology Strategy - 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisites: BIT 316, BIT 416, BIT 347, and BIT 446

This course reviews business strategy concepts, then introduces the specific processes, tools, and tactics utilized in IT strategic planning. It examines the importance of an alignment between
overall corporate strategy and the strategy of the information technology function, and the techniques used to achieve such alignment. Approaches to the development of strategic organizational plans and the design, development, and implementation of associated information technology systems are studied, and students apply these approaches to real and
hypothetical organizations. Current issues, ethical implications, and contemporary business trends are also explored in this advanced course for IT students. Case studies are used
extensively to develop student analytical skills and understanding.

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