Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Software Engineering at large

The fourth assignment was a paper about a particular company and their software engineering methodology. I chose to research the DoD.

Department of Defense Software Engineering
Eric Charnesky
BIT 337
Professor Ciaramitaro
March 7, 2007

Department of Defense Software Engineering

The Department of Defense has definitely recognized the need for software engineering methodologies to control the chaos that is software engineering. In 1984 the Department of Defense partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to create the Software Engineering Institute. The Software Engineering Institute went on to create the Capability Maturity Model which measures a companies capability and maturity with respects to software engineering. The Capability Maturity Model slowly evolved into the larger Capability Maturity Model Integration which is now in version 1.2 as of August 2006 (SEI, 2007). The Capability Maturity Model and its successor the Capability Maturity Model Integration have played a huge role in Department of Defense software engineering methods and even the methods of governmental contractors.

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