Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Network Architecture

Each of us took one of the 5 elements of enterprise architecture and wrote an in depth paper on our element. I researched Network Architecture. In addition to the paper I had to present it for the class.

Network Architecture
Eric Charnesky
BIT 331
Professor George
March 20, 2007

Network Architecture
Network architecture is “the design principles, physical configuration, functional organization, operational procedures, and data formats used as the bases for the design, construction, modification, and operation of a communications network.” (“Network Architecture”, 2007). In terms of Enterprise Architecture the network architecture has many times just been absorbed by the infrastructure architecture, but the size and complexity of network architecture make it stand out as its own discipline. Most infrastructure people would start getting at glazy eyed at just the mere mention of TCP/IP protocols, UDP, OSI layers, datagram packets, 3-way handshakes, SYN and ACK, WANs, LANs, VLANs, STP, UTP, multimode, singlemode, RIP routing, OSPF routing, EGRP, EIGRP, split horizon, spanning tree loops and link state routing. Networking is definitely a specialty field all its own. Trying to get someone who knows infrastructure and networking will likely find someone who knows a little of each but not enough to do the job.

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