Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MBA 501 - Management and Organizational Learning

I'm taking a few MBA courses as electives for my MSIS program, wish me luck venturing away from my normal geeky courses.

Professor John Warner, D.M. will be teaching the class.

Here is the course description
MBA 501 - Management and Organizational Learning - 3 credits
This course explores the basic understandings and skills necessary for leading or managing organizations by building capacities for organizational learning. Special emphasis is placed upon the use of scientific, hermeneutical, and systems thinking. Students learn how to develop a “learning organization” approach that facilitates ongoing strategy formation, implementation, evaluation, change management and continuous improvement efforts within an organization. The focus throughout the course is on application, action, and achieving effective execution. Students begin to acquire skills for leading and managing through collective learning activities by applying the course studies to their personal and professional situations. The course also reviews many of the basic functions, roles, methodologies, and skills involved in leading and managing organizations.

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