Friday, March 13, 2009

Cloud Computing

The idea is starting to gain some steam, just look at these numbers and you would be crazy not to at least look into cloud computing -

"company that could spend $4 million to buy 150 servers plus $1 million in annual software license fees. Contrast that with the Amazon cloud services fee of $131,000 a year for everything—a price not much more than the $70,000 a year that would be needed just to keep the in house servers powered up."
The prediction is that
"companies that combine a private in-house cloud for mission-critical operations while using the public cloud for more routine back-office work and heavy-duty computing"
I see that working for large companies, but for smaller startups who can't afford an IT staff, I see them moving entirely to cloud computing. Who is more likely to keep your mission critical systems running, a team of hundreds of IT professionals who build and maintain a cloud computing architecture, or a loan IT professional who supports your small business?

Thanks to Todd Woody for a great write up -

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