Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BIT 511 Week 5 Notes

The class started with Dr. Livermore doing a presentation and Q&A about the Capstone class.

Survey Project
I demonstrated how to use the survey form we put together, thank you Google Docs.

Barbara asked us all to discuss our experience on http://www.gamesforchange.org/
One of our classmates failed to take care of the trash in NYC, another failed at life in Haiti. While I was wildly successful at being a 3rd world farmer, Jason found Fat World to be lacking.

Lecture Notes
We discussed Wi-Fi and the importance of standards and how the original Internet community just had to adopt standards because a fight over standards would have killed the Internet.

Wi-Fi has many advantages, but there are still security concerns which cause many to hold off.

Wi-Max has been slow to emerge the US, but the max distance of up to 30 miles has great promise.

GPS has been growing in popularity since navigation devices are so cheap.

Three types of RFID - Passive, Semi-Passive and Active

VoIP - more security conerns

Technological Convergence - think iPhone, a multi-multi-purpose device
Which platform will rule the entertainment center in the home? XBox, Playstation, or the PC?

Barbara demoed her new livescribe pen - pretty cool, but I still prefer to type

IPv6 - has been extremely slow for everyone to adopt

Prepare a presentation for next week on how current trends in technology will or have changed the way people manage their personal, financial, medical, academic or professional information both individually and on an organizational level.

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