Thursday, January 22, 2009

I used to be a fan...

I tried out the Opera brower a while back and thought it was pretty slick, but recent events are changing my opinion -

I would like to point out just a few of the idiocies with Jon von Tetzchner's (CEO of Opera) and the EU comments...

"It's important that people have a choice of browsers. It's important that we don't have one company dominating the browser market."-Jon von Tetzchner
-Interesting comment, how exactly do people use the Opera browser if not by choosing to install it??

The Commission also claimed that Microsoft's practice of bundling IE, something it's done since 1995, "shields" the browser from "head-to-head competition with other browsers,"
-So, giving away a free web browser, with an OS that would not otherwise have web browser is wrong how?

"I would like Microsoft to remove their browser from Windows," - Jon von Tetzchner
-Great idea there, I can just imagine my grandmother getting a new PC with Windows preinstalled and trying how to figure out how to download a browser without having a browser to start with...

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