Thursday, June 19, 2008

BIT 536 - 'insert interesting project name here' Part 2

The cumulative final project combines everything we learned about database systems and Oracle and turns it into one nice little project.

After submitting our design, Professor Calvaneso gave each group his data model as the base of the next part of the project.

The second part of the project involved writing SQL*Plus scripts to create the appropriate tables, fill the tables with sample data, and run sample reports (queries).

My partner, Jason G, and I worked together to create 3 scripts per the project requirements.

The first script, DDL.SQL creates the tables and constraints and spools the results to a .lst file.

The second script, POP.SQL enters sample data (yes we did cheat and use sysdate to save the time of formatting numerous sample dates) and spools the results to a .lst file.

The third script, RPT.SQL runs the reports (queries) and spools the results to a .lst file.

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