Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Enterprise Architecture

The other part of our final was to write a comprehensive paper on Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise Architecture
Eric Charnesky
BIT 331
Professor George
March 20, 2007

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is a way to align businesses with information technologies. For many business people information technologies are somewhat of a mystery and therefore can be frightened by them. What enterprise architecture does is allow the business units to interact and assist their information technology department with being an enabler to the business. In the past information technology departments tended to be the drivers of new technologies and they told the business what the business needed. Today there has been a long needed shift to put information technology departments in the passenger seat as an advisor to business units who now drive technology changes and requirements. Enterprise architecture brings together all of the very technical divisions within information technologies in a collaborative and supporting way while blending the technology aspect with business needs and processes.

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