Monday, November 27, 2006

Process Reengineering

The final project was a total documented process reengineering for a mock company.

Correy, Ana, Olga and I worked throughout the semester to put together the final document.

Executive Summary:

Northern Microbrews Chief Operation Officer Laura Frost enlisted our services to improve their order fulfillment process. We carefully examined their current process and modeled it. The current shipping process is very sluggish due to the amount of handling it takes to fulfill an order. The order is physically touched by five people after it has been placed online. After validating our model we picked out a few areas which if changed would yield the greatest return for Northern Microbrews. We put together a few solutions to the problem based on the amount of time and money that Northern Microbrews wishes to spend on reengineering their order fulfillment process.

The current process has plenty of room for technology to improve it. Our best solution would integrate the website with an up to date inventory of the beer on hand to ensure that customers, customer service representatives and warehouse employees all have the information they need. Also, physically changing the layout of the warehouse and cross training employees would greatly increase productivity.

Ideally the process would be fast and friendly. Customer service representatives will be able to answer any questions from customers with ease and customers will know when their package has been shipping and will be able to track it online. Forecasting demand for each product will allow the inventory to always remain stocked to help eliminate order delays. Northern Microbrews will be able to offer 24 hour shipping Monday thru Friday and have knowledgeable customer service.

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